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screens and fittings

Personalise your door

We have the technology to make your own personalised door. We can etch/engrave you personal message or property name etc. right into your door: Click door picture below for examples


25mm@$338   32mm@$373

25mm@$331   32mm@$362
25mm@$390   32mm@$432
25mm@$328   32mm@$363
25mm@$486   32mm@$535
25mm@$463   32mm@$509
25mm@$552   32mm@$607
25mm@$591  32mm@$638
25mm@$591   32mm@$647
25mm@$590   32mm@$647
25mm@$597   32mm@$657
25mm@$474   32mm@$536

Australian hardwoods Interior door. 
Feature doors - Made to Order

Optional Screens Prices:  
Paw Proof / Pet Screen / door up to 1mtr wide $43 + gst
Invisigaurd 306 Stainless steel panel ( Black Powder coated
$170 + gst
Alugaurd expanded Mesh / door up to 820mm wide $198 + gst
  • Diamond grille security mesh / door up to 820mm wide
$220 + gst
One Way Mesh / door up to 820mm wide. $110 + gst